The Princess & The Unicorn

by Adam Minkoff & Friends

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The story of our heroine goes back a thousand years
when kings and queens ruled the glacial fjords of the land
the council of elders presided over court
and unicorns were abundant, grazing in the pastures
grazing as they please

The queen of Nordonia was pleasant to the eye
her kind and just ways made you want to cry
and her brave companion the fearless Jakovian the king
wrestled reckless naked tigers while composing melodies to sing

All his peasants loved him
all his enemies feared him
his muscles rippled in the sun
as he played chess with children
and built bridges for fun

The subjects adored their royals and showered them with jewels
bathed their toes in oils and sung their praise in gypsy tongue
and there stood princess Nadia, beloved by them all
a stunning sample of utmost beauty
a sight to behold a sight to see
with small persuasion she agreed to see me through the barley

Her voice, a bird that flew from ear to ear
her eyes brown diamonds in the head
she was the pride of the fjord
worshipped by all, even the dead
With her unicorn Calypso she rode on through the villages
lighting up the spirits of the peasants toiling in the fields of despair

One afternoon as she's frolicking in the summer zephyr
calypso slept, his horn adorned with butterflies and ancient cavaliers
unbeknownst to our fair lady a wicked beast grew hungry
demanding a feast for kings that delirium, the evil one obliged

The devilish humpback riders rode through the quiet village
with quivering arrows pointed at feeble minds
with crazed maniac desire they ripped and burned through hay and stone
the monsters destroyed it all

While the one eyed witch set the town ablaze
delirium chanted in her cave
from that moment she knew she'd won
carry on my wayward son

Finally they reached the castle which had long not locked its door
the humpback minions roamed a plenty searching for a prize
they come upon the king and queen in a mortal embrace
and with haste they dispatched them at a vicious pace

Nadia awoke from pleasant dreams screaming out in pain
the slaughter of her parents echoed in the clouds
she rode to town, Calypso seared a path, becoming one they seemed
vengeance in their breath

Soon the minions were no more and Nadia claimed the crown
from this day forth she cried to the crowd
no more blood on my father's cloud
no more fluid on my mother's shroud
the kingdom belongs to me
peace and love for all

But the wicked witch remained
her cauldron and her cave
she might just go insane, 'til Nadia's in her grave
and the wise men don't know how it feels


released September 27, 2013
Adam Minkoff - vocals, acoustic guitar, 12 string acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, piano, glockenspiel, alto saxophone, percussion
Nick Oddy - vocals, electric guitar, synth
Scott Chasolen - piano
Brad Whiteley - Hammond organ
Marco Buccelli - drums
Sean Dixon - percussion
Samantha Theuring - flute
Anne Dearth - flute
Michael Eaton - tenor saxophone, clarinet
Tim Byrnes - trumpet
Jackie Coleman - trumpet
Dan Brantigan - trumpet

Music by Adam Minkoff & Nick Oddy
Lyrics by Ari Jankelowitz
Recorded by Adam Minkoff
Additional Recording by Josh Giunta
Mixed by Dan Brantigan
Mastered by Bob Stander

Special Thanks to Jesse Krakow, Xenia Rubinos, Mark Marshall, & Ian Anderson



all rights reserved


Vaalbara Records New York, New York

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